RettungsNetz 5G

The project RettungsNetz-5G is a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) that uses the many new possibilities of the performance of mobile technology 5G for faster and better emergency medical care.

Background and Objectives of
the project

5G is the mobile communications standard of the future: Faster and more secure, lower latencies and more devices at the same time are possible with it, among other things. All of this predestines 5G for use in emergency medicine. A regional project consortium around the Rhine-Neckar Regional Association, the University Medical Center and the University of Mannheim sees great opportunities precisely here.

Specifically, the 5G connection of the ambulance to the clinic and thus an upgrade of diagnostics already at the scene of the accident and in the ambulance with medical support from the clinic. The latest innovative medical devices, including a mobile CT, will also be tested. The rescue forces at the scene of the accident will also be supported in real time by cloud-based AI systems. The aim is to shorten the time to optimal treatment, thereby improving care and ultimately saving lives.

Ein Rettungswagen links mit einer gezeichneten Wolke verbindet rechts einen Bildschirm auf dem ein CT zu sehen ist. Eine Ärztin sitzt vor dem Bildschirm